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The NextGenXDK Sensor Module is a smart, ready-to-use multi-sensor device which embeds sensing, data processing and secure wireless communications in a small industry-standard IP65 enclosure. It works seamlessly with the LEGIC Connect mobile credentialing platform to enable dynamically provisioned access permissioning to sensor configurations and/or data based on Android / iOS devices.

It comes with NFC/Bluetooth® Low Energy/WiFi/ Zigbee transceiver and M8 connector for power supply and optional wired data communications, programmable hidden switch, and status LED. 20 sensor outputs can be simultaneously monitored with configurable sensitivity and sampling rate. Data can be locally pre-processed and recorded in an embedded memory implementing sophisticated storage algorithms. The module firmware is based on the Zephyr Real Time Operating System (RTOS) allowing easy development of customer-specific software extensions and firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA).

Features & Benefits

  • Prototyping platform that shortens time-to-market for industrial sensor-based IoT applications
  • Fully integrates with LEGIC Connect mobile security platform enabling operators to create, distribute and revoke mobile credentials as well as configure sensors and IoT devices over-the-air
  • Integrated sensors monitor up to 20 environmental parameters with configurable sampling rates, intervals and pre-/postprocessing
  • Embedded LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module with programmable encryption key in Secure Element enables end-to-end encryption (AES-128)
  • Supports WiFi, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee, Thread, Matter, NFC, USB 2.0, and UART/RS485/Modbus (via M8) by hardware
  • Data access over BLE GATT or WiFi MQTT
  • Secure data protocol prevents data interception, eavesdropping, tampering, and sensor spoofing
  • Small form factor: 71.1 mm x 43.2 mm x 26 mm
  • After prototype completion, purpose-built size and cost optimized modules with only required functionality can be provided by Sensry

Application Examples

  • Smart building operations & energy saving systems either new installments or easy retrofit
  • Track & trace in logistics and supply chain
  • Environmental sensing, including air quality
  • Condition monitor, predictive maintenance
  • Capturing data for digital twin installations
  • Secure monitoring of critical or sensitive infra-structure such as in hospitals, power stations, public transportation, airports, and building access control systems ngXDK Security Concept

Integrated sensors

The NextGenXDK Industrial Sensor Module is equipped with a standard set of rigidly attached sensor components, which facilitate the simultaneous detection of 20 different parameters at individually configurable sensitivity and sampling rates. Acceleration, angular rate, magnetic flux as well as high frequency vibrations are detected along x-, y-, and z-directions. In addition, it measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 equivalent level, volatile organic components (VOC), air quality index (IAQ), and light intensity. Two embedded microphones allowing directional noise measurements are included as well.

MeasureandsValue RangesSampling Rates / Hz
Acceleration±4 g ... ±16 g for x-, y-, z-axis12.5 ... 800
Angular velocity (Gyrsocope)±125 °/s ... ±2000 %/s for x-, y-, z-axis25 ... 800
Magnetic Flux±50 gauss for x-, y-, z-axis10 ... 150
High frequency vibration±8 g ...64 g for x-, y-, z-axis0.781 ... 25600 Hz
Temperature-40 ... +85 °C0.1 ... 1
Relative Humidity0 ... 100 %rH0.1 ... 1
Ambient Pressure300 ... 1100 hPa0.1 ... 1
b-VOC (breath-VOC)0.5 ... 1000 ppm0.017 ... 1
eCO2 (equivalient CO2)400 ppm ... infinity0.017 ... 1
IAQ (Index Air Quality)0 ... 1000.017 ... 1
Light-to-digital1.2 ... 10 mW/cm² (for 300 ... 1000 nm wavelength)0.1 ... 8
Noise level (audio amplitude)-135 dbFS ... +3 dBFS (Decibels relative to full scale)0.1 ... 1

Technical Data

General Operation Parameters

Power Supply9 V - 24 V DC
Power Consumption130mW - 1500mW depending on logging, WiFi and SM-6300 functionality
ConnectorM8 (male), 4 pins (2x power, 2x optional: RS485, UART or USB)
Temperature Range- 20 … 70 °C
Protection ClassificationIP 65
RF Frequencies2.4 GHz BT 5.4
2.4/5 GHz WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
13.56 MHz NFC
Transmit PowerBT 8 dBm (max.) WiFi 16dBm (max.)
RangeBT up to 70 m, WiFi up to 50 m, NFC up to 4 cm
Additional embedded Flash-Memory128 MByte
LEDBlinking Green - wait for connection
Blinking Blue - connected
Blinking Red - Error
BatteryOptional: LiPo 14500 3.7 V 800mAh

Processing Core – Processor, Memory, Interfaces, and Security

The NextGenXDK uses a 64 MHz 32-bit Cortex-M4F. It comes with 1 MB Flash, 256 kB RAM, and has protocol support for Bluetooth LE and mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANT, and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks. End-to-end encryption (AES-128) is provided by the LEGIC Security Platform comprising the embedded SM-6300 Security Module and LEGIC Connect Trusted Service. Encryption key is stored in Hardware Secure Element.

M8 Interface

kallisto Power M8 connector
19 - 24 V DC, max. 250m
2Opional Data Interface (RS485, UART or USB)
3Opional Data Interface (RS485, UART or USB)

Power Supply

Industry standard 24 V power supply is supported by a M8 male panel mount connector with 4 contacts. The maximum current is 250mA.

RS485 Interface

The RS485 interface can be used for future applications. The Common-mode voltage is [-7, +12] V. It's a half-duplex interface with max. datarate of 500 kpbs. The terminatio resistor of 120 Ohm is assembled.

2RS485 A
3RS485 B

UART Interface

The UART interface can be used for future applications. The votage level is 3.3 V and the max. datarate is 1 Mbps


UART Interface

The USB device interface can be used for future applications. The interface is USB 2.0 compliant with a max. datarate of 12 Mbps.



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