Ready for next generation applications in logistics, robotics, automation, smart home and building, consumer and white goods, smart city and renewable energy require the adaption of smart and secure sensors with data connectivity. Existing semiconductor standard solutions often provide insufficient flexibility and missing software environment. The most critical item, however, is the missing inherent data security approach encompassing the complete value chain of the product.

The Solution

Sensry is a newly established company offers an smart edge sensor construction kit with highly flexible and customizable hardware configurations according to customer requirements. The universal sensor platform USeP combines cutting-edge assembly and packaging technologies with new design methods as well as various integration possibilities for sensors.

General Features

  • Integration of various sensors on Package Top-Level
  • Support of multiple communication standards
  • Low power consumption
  • Multi-Core RISC-V performance for Smart-Edge computing
  • Adequate memory resources
  • Inherent multi-layer data security and authentication
  • Fast design using standard library HW components
  • Smallest form factor due to advanced 3D-packaging
  • SDK & Toolchain available
  • Integration in fog, edge and cloud computing
  • Optional integration support from Sensry

Target Applications

  • Sensor node for Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Home automation
    • Sensor networks
    • Building automation
    • Condition monitoring
    • Retro Fitting
    • Industrial applications
    • AI related applications
  • Authentication and security devices
    • Identification key
    • Secure sensor data harvester
    • Secure blockchain wallet

Available devices