kallisto board


The Sensry Kallisto® embeds sensing, processing, energy management and radio communications in one monolithic size-optimized PCB module. The PCB module provides a processing and communication core as well as an optional part of sensors and power management add-ons to enable a huge variety of IoT applications. Moreover, the Sensry Kallisto® ecosystem provides a hardware abstraction layer that allow developers to seamlessly interact with the module and its features usinng a Bluetooth API to reduce the development cycle. This includes also OTA updates of the firmware SDK and the user software.

General Features

  • Multiprotocol Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Antenna-on-Module
  • Low power ARM microcontroller
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • LiPo charger
  • Wireless Qi Power Receiver
  • USB connector for power supply

Motion sensors:

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 3-axis geomagnetic sensor
  • 3-axis vibration sensors (up to 8KHz)

Environmental & Ambient Sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • VOC
  • eCO2
  • Air Quality Index
  • Acoustic Noise
  • Light Sensor

Target applications

  • Wireless connected sensors for industrial (IIoT) applications
  • Wireless connected sensors for wearables, healthcare, home, sport, fitness applications
  • General Wireless IoT applications
  • Connected objects
  • Beacons

Available devices