Kallisto Linux API
Library for interacting with Kallisto devices
BluetoothScannerConfiguration Class Reference

#include <bluetooth_scanner_configuration.hpp>

Data Structures

class  Builder

Public Types

enum  ScanConfiguration { ONE_SHOT, CYCLIC, CONTINUOUS, STOPPED }

Public Member Functions

 ~BluetoothScannerConfiguration ()
 BluetoothScannerConfiguration (const BluetoothScannerConfiguration &configuration)
BluetoothScannerConfigurationoperator= (const BluetoothScannerConfiguration &configuration)
 BluetoothScannerConfiguration (BluetoothScannerConfiguration &&configuration)
BluetoothScannerConfigurationoperator= (BluetoothScannerConfiguration &&configuration)
ScanConfiguration getScanConfiguration () const
std::chrono::seconds getDuration () const
std::chrono::seconds getCycleDuration () const
bool getLegacyDiscovery () const


class Builder

Detailed Description

Class that handles holds a scanner configuration.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ScanConfiguration

enum ScanConfiguration

Available scan types.

They are not accessible to a developer. They are inferred according to the passed configurations to the Builder.


A single scan. The scanner will got to STOPPED state after a de.sensry.kallisto.service.listeners.events.SystemEventType#SCAN_STOPPED event.


The scanner will cycle continuously between scan on and off.


The scanning will be continuous. A new STOPPED configuration is needed to stop the scanning.


The scanner is stopped.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~BluetoothScannerConfiguration()

◆ BluetoothScannerConfiguration() [1/2]

Copy Constructor.

◆ BluetoothScannerConfiguration() [2/2]

Move Constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCycleDuration()

std::chrono::seconds getCycleDuration ( ) const

Get the configured scan cycle duration.

Represents the amount of time that the scanner waits after finishing a scan before starting a new scan.

A std::chrono::seconds detailing the scan cycle duration, in seconds.

◆ getDuration()

std::chrono::seconds getDuration ( ) const

Get the configured scan duration.

A std::chrono::seconds detailing the scan duration, in seconds.

◆ getLegacyDiscovery()

bool getLegacyDiscovery ( ) const

Get if legacy device discovery is enabled.

If this is enabled, the scanner will connect to the device in order to discover the device features, if the advertising data doesn't use the firmware SDK Advertising Manager.

if legacy discovery is enabled.

◆ getScanConfiguration()

ScanConfiguration getScanConfiguration ( ) const

Get the configured scan configuration.

The configured ScanConfiguration.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

BluetoothScannerConfiguration& operator= ( const BluetoothScannerConfiguration configuration)

Copy assigment operator.

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Move assigment operator.

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